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Here is the Shopping Cart. August 6th is a soft launch. Prices will likely go up before the full launch next week.

Here is the Shopping Cart. August 6th is a soft launch. Prices will likely go up before the full launch next week.



Barbara Corcoran’s Secret to Success in Real Estate and Business



YouTube Transcribing Words of Every Video for Display

For 3 years, I knew YouTube was transcribing spoken words to text and using your spoken words to rank and file videos. Initially it was just on a portion of videos but from my research it appears that this now applies to every video. Here is where you find the new transcribe button:



Advanced BombBomb Integrations

In week 7 of our BombBomb series, I had a chance to get the inside scoop on the future of BombBomb and integrations that will change the way we market online and follow-up with our lists.
2013-11-21 12.04 Advanced Video Email Integrations



Game Changing RPR and BombBomb Integration

Are you a Realtor? I am sure you know about your RPR Realtor reports. Every Realtor has access to these and the “Realtor Property Resource” has now has a new integration with BombBomb for combined email/video marketing. This will be an announcement at the Realtors Conference and Expo later this weekend and as your trusted news source for anything related to “housing industry” – I thought I would go ahead and break the story. Below you will find a quick 150 second video to show you how to integrate BombBomb with RPR so you can start using it right away!

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Leave comments and questions below – what will this new integration mean for your business? Feel free to embed this video or email it to your real estate office (see buttons under video).



BombBomb and Testimonials

Be sure to tune in for our November 14th BombBomb and Blogging webinar – another important part of gaining “social proof” for your real estate business!

In the archive below, ignore the title slide – this is how you build the ultimate testimonials page on your real estate website. We show you how to add written testimonials, how to gain online business profile reviews, and how to embed a video recorder to gain new testimonials. It all goes on one page to show overwhelming amount of “social proof” for gaining new business!

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BombBomb Closing Table

In this training we taught how to gain testimonials at the closing table. Simply create a BombBomb form for your iPad or tablet with a video embed.
2013-10-31 12.00 How To Get More Video Testimonials At The Closing Table

You will not want to miss part V in the series where we build on this concept to help you build a rock-star testimonial page of your website/blog.



BombBomb Open House

Gain Leads, Avoid Manual Entry, Automated Follow-Up
Leave the paper at home and get ready for systematic follow-up with every open house.In this tutorial you will learn a simple way to turn your BombBomb software into a powerful application to run on your tablet or iPad on the day of an open house.

Additional benefits of creating a BombBomb Open House form include:

  • Learn if they have another agent
  • Learn if they have talked to a lender
  • Learn if they have a house to sell

Think about the scenarios:

  • They answer “No” for working with an agent… Send them your campaign for your branded mobile app…
  • They answer “No” for being pre-qualified for a mortgage… Send them a campaign introducing them to a mortgage lender
  • They answer “Yes” for having a house to sell… Send them a campaign for sellers with an offer for a free house value estimate

Assuming you see the value of creating an open house form – let’s jump in.
Step #1 Create an “Open House” List in BombBomb
This helps you to segment how they entered your BombBomb database. After the open house you can review your leads and potentially add them to new lists and drips (campaigns)

BombBomb Open House Tutorial







Step #2 Create the “Open House” Form with These Questions
BombBomb Open House Form

Recommended Questions:

First Name? (required)
Email Address? (required)
Phone Number?
Working with Agent? (required)
Mortgage Pre-Qualified? (required)
House-to-Sell? (required)

Limiting the questions makes it less overwhelming. These targeted questions also help you determine the best way to follow-up and additional campaigns for the potential clients viewing the open house.

Step #3 Pick a Color (You Can Change It Anytime)

BombBomb Form Customization Instructions

Step #4 Finalize Settings, Bookmark URL of the Form

BombBomb Code URL

 Step #5 Test It Out on Your iPad or Tablet

It should look something like this…

BombBomb Open House Code Forms

Leave Us a Comment Below…

We would love to know your AHA’s, Take-Aways, and ideas for making the ultimate Open House form with BombBomb:




Video Cubed, SEO Tips

Create great content by video and you will get more views and shares on social media. This is the social proof that Google wants to see  and it is the beginning part of our video cubed strategy that we wrote about in 2012 (myREDguru Method). In the video cubed strategy, we call this video conversion.

By leading with popular videos, Google will introduce you to a larger audience (search engine results) – this increases your odds of video generation – gaining additional leads.

As your video machine grows, you will naturally gain SEO.

5 Years ago, most SEO experts would say focus on SEO 1st, so you can gain lead generation, and then convert a few new sales. Our teachings at HousingLeadsUniversity.com are the exact opposite….

#1 Create great videos that are remarkable #2 Those videos get shared #3 Google takes note of the popularity and brings you more traffic!



BombBomb after Showing Strategies

In week 2 of our co-hosted BombBomb series, We presented 5 Tips for using the BombBomb Mobile App with Justin Lukasavige from BombBomb.

Mark your calendar, every Thursday @ 12pm CDT leading up to Thanksgiving.

This week, topic is “BombBomb after Showing” and you will not want to miss it…

BombBomb Mobile App TipsYou just spent time with a potential client showing a home. Hopefully you had time to build rapport and maybe you now have a signed buyer’s representation agreement.

Regardless, we all know that there still has to be great communication and the danger of these potential clients falling into representation from another agent or worse, no representation if they forgot to mention you to a new home builder.

These strategies can be seen in more detail (and over time) from examples submitted to this blog post.

#1 Send a personal BombBomb Mobile App video the evening before your appointment. Confirming an appointment is always a best-practice and doing it with a personal video makes it memorable in the case that you are still competing for your potential new client.

(User BombBomb Examples Coming Soon)

#2 You arrive early at the showing appointment and take a great panoramic video of the sunrise or sunset, using the BombBomb message to your potential new client.

(User BombBomb Examples Coming Soon)

#3 – #7 (Join us on the webinar)

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Just to be clear, a BombBomb subscription is not included in any of my membership sites, but we love to train on it! Learn More about why I call BombBomb my best ROI. -John Pohly